I am a freelance Web Developer, with good experience on XHTML/CSS, JavaScript (Dojo and jQuery) PHP/Zend framework 2 and Yii Framework  and also work a lot with WordPress (Plugins,Caching and Extending WordPress Applications) , I also work as a contract Web developer to some companies, I give consultations on Web Development, Moodle Customization, Optimization of existing websites and ways to make Web Application user friendly. I occasionally branch of from Web Development to try other techs like am eager to learn 3D on Web and Game Development. I use to work at Linkeo Web Agencie, a French ICT company in Mauritius Quatre Bornne. Despite being a PHP/JS Developer I am quite versed with C#, Java ( J2ME and Android API, Processing) I try to learn as much as I can.

Currently I work at Leaps and Bounds as a PHP/Moodle Developer, where I work on Moodle and extension of Moodle (themes, plugins and etc.). I spend most of my time researching on Gaming and game development. Feel free to get in touch. :)


My Toolsets

Web Development

IDE / Text Editors (Eclipse Zend, Aptana Studio and Sublime Text Editor 3)

Emmet (HTML markup/ CSS Generation)

LESS (CSS Preprocessor) I can’t imagine writing CSS again without these

JavaScript (Jquery, Dojotoolkit (90% of the time))

Intern (JavaScript Testing Suite)

Google Chrome Developer


NodeJS (Express)

Backend Development

PHP Frameworks (Zend 2, Yii )

Composer ( think of NPM for PHP)

PHPUnit (PHP Testing)

Mobile Development

HTML5 (Duh Dojotoolkit Mobile)



Java ( Just for J2ME and Android)