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January 19, 2015


This is an introduction to the review of the book “Instant Highcharts”, this books talk about the visualization toolkit “Highcharts”; which leverages on HTML5 Platform to render superb charting solutions, this review will cover the book chapter by chapter, giving the important aspect and highlights of the book.

Instant Highcharts Cover page

Chapter 1: Installation of the Highcharts

This basically touches about the editor needed for writing Highcharts, it also prepares the users on what will the requirement needed before diving into using the framework. In this section the details of how to download the toolkit and use it with existing JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery,Prototype and Mootools. It even wastes no time as it gives the users the opportunity of create his/her first example using the mentioned JavaScript frameworks.


Chapter 2: Setting up the Main Section of Highcharts

This chapter jumps into describing the various components that are used in the Highcharts solutions such as the title,subtitle,the series ,credits,setting of axes, plots,lines,tool-tips and legends. This illustrates the core concepts and the customization of Highcharts, as this will enable the user to add or remove necessary parts he/she think is necessary. The interesting part of this chapter is that it goes further to give a diagram illustrating each part giving the user a clear picture of the setting when applied.


Chapter 3: Top 4 Features you need to know about

Talks about the common task  and commonly used features you will encounter throughout the use of the framework. it give various various examples such as creating of stacked bar charts, and also an important part is where it uses the Date Object as a data passed to the chart. Such of the examples created in this chapter are Pie Charts, Stacked Line bar, Dynamic Charts (Server Sided).

Chapter 4 : People and Places you should get to know

The Chapter touches mostly on community support and pages to visit for help, an important aspect here is that it explains the use of the Highcharts Reference which can be used as a reference guide during development, and shows the user how they can make use of Highcharts quickly by using the JSFiddle Solution and the access to links,blogs and social networks pages.



For such a small and compact book, it really goes straight to business, by introducing the user to the Highcharts and giving out quick real life application to using it. The book explains various concepts and settings, that user will need to understand to be able to create a chart. This tutorial benefits any developer looking to create sophisticated charting solutions; an example of such could be a chart giving real time information of a server status, or a chart showing real time stocks from an external server or even showing game records and statistic e.g rendering the score results of Call of Duty and comparing players score with each other. Another incentive to learning this is that it is based on HTML5 which means the application of this chart will presentable to mobile and desktop users without the additional use of plugins and also caters for the Internet Explorer.

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