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February 15, 2017 •  photography •  pictures •  koken

So currently am on leave and decided to update my blog, now normally this is something I don't write about especially reviewing a platform originally meant for Photographers. I have relationship with Photographers and during my observation I notice a tedious workflow,

  1. Take Picture with DLSR Camera
  2. Work on Camera via Adobe Lightroom
  3. Upload to Twitter/Instagram
  4. Upload to Website

I had the intention to write a script to automate the task for this, until I came across Koken, according to their website ; Koken is a CMS built specifically for Photographers meaning all controls and function is centered around posting and managing images. If you want more information about the platform you can check the site.

Features of Koken that will appeal to Photographer

  1. Admin Dashboard

The 'Admin Dashboard' gives you a superb ability to easily categorize and organize your images, you can have them in albums, tags e.t.c compared to other platforms like WordPress that build such around it's own ways. Koken gives you a clear interface that is intuitive, If you are familiar with the Adobe Lightroom interface you will find the dashboard extremely familiar.

Koken Library

  1. Content management

Photographers can easily attach a text, essay or story around their pictures to give it a story

Editing essay

  1. Live Preview and Editing


  1. Sync with Adobe Lightroom

Koken comes with a free plugin that you can install on Adobe Lightroom to assist you in easily syncing your contents to your Koken instance via the API, this gives a smooth and seamless express when trying to publish your images to your site.

Lightroom sync

Now that we are done with this, let's simply move to the technical aspect, Koken is open source and it runs on the PHP scripting language. The following are the server requirements and as usual, your host should be able to meet this requirements, if you can WordPress applications on your server then you will probably have no problem running this.

Few Samples of Koken Sites



Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3.0 or higher
  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • ImageMagick, Imagick, GraphicsMagick or GD

Customization and Plugin Development

Developers can easily extend the platform, it has straight forward documentation with ways to build plugins around the Koken API, you can easily get more information about this on the Developer Documentation

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