Packt Publishing Ebook Bonaza: $5 for any Book

January 19, 2015

Happy Holidays in Advance, 2013 has been a good year with lots of changes, revisions and updates to various APIs, libraries and new toolkits. 2014 is another year of promises, it presents the opportunity to branch out into newer technologies, it could be HTML5 Canvas, Server Sided JavaScript Development (NodeJS), Zend Framework, Game Creation using Unity, or even Desktop Applications with WPF and Xaml.


    Regardless of what technology, you plan to jump into, getting a starting point of how to adapt to the technology often becomes a problem, which why people often invest in Programming books and videos e.t.c.

Packt Publishing; a publishing company is having an eBook Bonanza which offers all its books and videos for 5 dollars, :o seriously am not kidding, that’s even cheaper than beer money, However the offer lasts till January 3rd so ensure to pick your selection, while these offer stands.


For more information you can click here to find out about the offer

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