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January 19, 2015 •  linux •  os •  ubuntu

I  am not your Linux typical user, infact i came across Linux during my classes and some Anti-Microsoft chants,i currently  lost my Windows 7 installation, thanks to some adventurous stunt which cost me my Windows Installation and my files(luckily i got my backups).  Well not really screaming and pulling my hair out as it was my Net-book HP Mini my irrelevant system, i decided to install Ubuntu on it and give it a try.


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Desktop and File Explorer

The Ubuntu Desktop is quite really not bad, though the Unity is a bit hard getting used to, but i can always revert to the classical view, but as a lover of fancy UI; I prefer to stick with Unity but after updating my distro to Ubuntu 11.10 the Unity is a bit better as it has the programs categorised.

Browser and Development Extension

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No surprise here , all my Firefox extension and Dojo tools works with no issue, so really Web Development Client developer have no big issue when migrating to Ubuntu.

IDE Tools

With the Ubuntu Software Center ;there are lots of IDE free to use, i decided to search for some tools and came up with Eclipse for PHP Developers and Aptana Studio, however setting Apache up is quite different on Linux, to  install Apache simply use the terminal and run the sudo apt-get install apache2

Screenshot at 2012-04-08 01:27:56
am still exploring what Ubuntu has to offer, and if it pays using as my main OS, as of now i can say am really psyched about switching to Ubuntu on the Netbook .Its really fast and i know my OS won't suddenly accumulate space for no reason, will be posting more on my experience from time on.

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    ).My advice to you? Don't *install* ainnhytg, no matterwhat anyone tells you. Work your way through a fewlive CD or USB stick distributions first. Here's one tostart you off. It's small, quite fun and yes, you caneven run this one from a USB stick.The second and third links give access to a widevariety of meatier distros, useful when you are betterinformed.HTH