The Challenge : More Posts on Solutions for Business rather Programming articles

June 13, 2015

Hi Guys, so I got a mail this week from a friend, and according to this mail he thinks most of my tutorials are too "Developer Centric" and not catered towards business looking for solutions. Now not that's he complaining he feels , rather than focus so much on the programming the languages and the tools, he wanted to write it from a business opportunity point of view. e.g Why should Organization A go with this platform, and what type of things to avoid.

I actually gave it some thought, and I think it's something I might be able to try because I will be extremely honest, when it comes to business and coming with ideas for business, it's not really my stronghold I only know what technology to use and what benefits to gain from using a specific language for a project.

I guess I've spent so much time on the technical side and not the business side.

Also my plans for my articles:

  • Write more on other languages ( Java , Python and TypeScript) but I must admit no one actually brings a Java Project to me , and Python is something i'm taking up just to automate some tasks as using Shell seems to complicated for me.
  • Create more Projects
  • Recommend some fun Projects to Monitor on Git
  • Write articles about how an Organization or company can improve their services by using XYZ Technology

So till then Ciao

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  • Adeposi Okupe

    Adeposi Okupe 4 years ago 00

    Keeping a good balance in anything is usually a good idea. Kudos!

  • dapo

    dapo 2 years ago 00

    Having this kind of soft skill differentiate software dev. keep the good works. wehDOne sir!