Okeowo Aderemi

Web/Application Developer

I am a freelance Web Developer, with good experience on XHTML/CSS, JavaScript (Dojo and jQuery) PHP/Zend framework 2 and Yii Framework and also work a lot with WordPress (Plugins,Caching and Extending WordPress Applications) , I also work as a contract Web developer to some companies, I give consultations on Web Development, Moodle Customization, Optimization of existing websites and ways to make Web Application user friendly. I occasionally branch of from Web Development to try other techs like am eager to learn 3D on Web and Game Development.

What my Services Entails

Web Development

JavaScript Application using HTML5 and CSS3 and various technologies to build your Web Application.

Extend Application

I extend popular CMS(s) to enhance Web Applications such as WordPress,Prestashop etc

Responsive Websites

Build Web Application that view apprioprately on numerous viewports

PSD and Mockup

Create PSD Mockups and Conversion from PhotoShop to Website Template

A brief History about me

Okeowo Aderemi

I use to work at Linkeo Web Agencie, a French ICT company in Mauritius Quatre Bornne. Despite being a PHP/JS Developer I am quite versed with C#, Java ( J2ME and Android API, Processing) I try to learn as much as I can. Currently I work at Leaps and Bounds as a PHP/Moodle Developer, where I work on Moodle and extension of Moodle (themes, plugins and etc.). I spend most of my time researching on Gaming and game development. Feel free to get in touch. .

  • IDE / Text Editors (Eclipse Zend, Aptana Studio and Sublime Text Editor 3)
  • Emmet (HTML markup/ CSS Generation)
  • LESS (CSS Preprocessor) I can’t imagine writing CSS again without these
  • JavaScript (Jquery, Dojotoolkit (90% of the time))
  • Maqetta
  • HTML5 Mobile Web Development (Dojotoolkit,jQuery)

  • PHP Frameworks (Zend 2, Yii,ImpressPages )
  • Composer/PHPUnit
  • VLE (Moodle)
  • WordPress

  • Game Development (Phaser, Processing)
  • C#/Java (Intermediate)
  • GNU/Linux

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Email: okeowoaderemi@gmail.com
+2348162985504 Skype:okeowoaderemi

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