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I use to work at Linkeo Web Agencie, a French ICT company in Mauritius Quatre Bornne and various other companies. Despite being known mostly as a PHP/JS Developer I am quite versed with C#, Java ( J2ME and Android API, Processing) I try to learn as much as I can. I used to work at Leaps and Bounds as a Moodle Developer, where I work on Moodle extensions (themes, plugins and etc.) but currently I am employed but not yet at liberty to state where for now. I spend most of my time researching on Gaming and game development and emulation of game consoles.

NOTE: Sadly most of my works cannot be listed here without permission.

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Diary (Still Under Development) Diary is a plugin created by Okeowo Aderemi, the purpose of this plugin is to create similar WordPress like blog, it has no intention of supporting all WP features, this plugin allows ImpressPages create notes,updates and delete notes.

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