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Creating ImpressPages themes

Creating Themes in Impresspages CMS Today's tutorial is my contribution towards the (IP) ImpressPages  CMS, we will simply look at how we can easily convert HTML/CSS web pages to the IP CMS, currently the ImpressPages Market houses some themes but we will be looking at creating more nice themes so you can contribute to the  MarketPlace.     For brevity sake, I decided to make use of the… View More


Packt Publishing 2000th Title Campaign

We, at Packt Publishing are launching an exciting campaign to coincide with the release of our 2000th title. During this offer Packt is giving its reader a chance to dive into their comprehensive catalog and Buy One, Get One Free… View More


Mastering NodeJS

This is another Packt review, and this time , its a book titled “Mastering NodeJS”, this might be my biggest review so far because this book packs a lot of information. I hope you read and enjoy the review on the book. Chapter 1 : Understanding the NodeJS Environment The chapter starts with the motive and concept behind NodeJS, it highlights the current… View More


Zend Framework 2 - Application Development Review

Introduction                        Zend Framework has come a long way from Zend Framework 1 to the current version Zend Framework 2; Zend Framework 2 is a complete re-write from the ground, it has been built with flexible and good pratices. A lot of its… View More


Packt Publishing Ebook Bonaza: $5 for any Book

Happy Holidays in Advance, 2013 has been a good year with lots of changes, revisions and updates to various APIs, libraries and new toolkits. 2014 is… View More


Understanding ZF2 Process

It's been a while since i have written any article, especially one not related to a book or review,anyway over the years Zend Framework 2 has seen numerous iterations and releases and also constant updates to the Zend Framework 2 Skeleton tutorial. A lot of authors of have done a tremendous job in writing articles for new comers to the framework, however looking at various websites and their comments i noticed a common trend, most after… View More