Hi, my name is

Okeowo Aderemi

I am a Software Engineer from Nigeria, I have been a professional developer for 7 years, I currently work with AppRiver via Andela as a Software Engineer where I build products for the AppRiver/Zix Clients, I mostly work with Java, .Net Core , TypeScript and new technologies as specified by employers and clients. I occasionally like to write technical articles, notes and enjoy supporting Small/Medium Business with technology. I currently have big interest in Mobile Development and Distributed Systems.

Feel free to reach me on okeowoaderemi@gmail.com

Okeowo Aderemi

Software Engineer

My name is Okeowo Aderemi, a Software Engineer from Nigeria, I have 7 years working experience working with both local and International organizations, currently I work at AppRiver / Zix via Andela. While not programming, I tend to have other interest in other field such as Computer Graphics. 3D, Video game emulation and general computer programming. I am very passionate and curious about how things works underneath.


  • Fullstack Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • CMS Dev /WordPress /Proceswire
  • Moodle Development /Themes /Plugins
  • Consulting Services
  • Content Writing /Tutorials /Documentations /Articles


  • JavaScript (TypeScript)
  • Angular 7/8
  • Vue
  • DojoToolkit
  • Others /JS Frameworks


  • Java /Spring Boot MVC /Processing
  • Node
  • .NET Frameworks /C#
  • PHP /Yii2 /Symfony /Processwire /WordPress


  • Adobe XD
  • Linux /GNU /Bash
  • Jira / TFS / Git
  • Whatever catches my fancy

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